Red Elf Sized Door with Wreath, Personalized with Elf Name
Elf and Red Elf Door


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Do you have an Elf that needs to get back to the North Pole quickly to report to Santa?  This magic Elf Door will get your holiday visitor to the North Pole faster than you can say, "Candy cane!"

This festive, bright red door has raised wood panels, a metal door handle, and a wreath made of pine & berries. 

We'll customize the door with your Elf's name, add a little Christmas magic, and send it straight from the North Pole.

Just place it along any baseboard, mantel, or door frame & the Christmas magic does the rest!  Your Christmas Elf will now have a direct portal to the North Pole.

 Dimensions: 6.25" L x 3" W

**Shipping Note: Magic Elf Doors will ship once finished in the workshop (approx within 2-3 days after purchase). 

**NOTE: A Magic Elf Door is included in every Believe Box Subscription.**